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English National Opera

Hinter den Kulissen der Oper

 - 13:59
Vor dem Auftritt: Der australische Bariton Morgan Pearse singt sich hinter der Bühne für seinen Auftritt in der Rolle des Figaro ein.zur Bildergalerie

Die im London Coliseum beheimatete English National Opera an der St. Martin’s Lane steht immer ein wenig im Schatten der Oper Covent Garden. Der englische EPA-Fotograf Neil Hall interessierte sich hier weniger für die Aufführung von Rossinis „Barbier von Sevilla“ aus Sicht des Opernbesuchers, sondern konzentrierte sich für seine Fotoreportage ausschließlich auf die Menschen und ihr Zusammenspiel hinter der Bühne. Ihm war es wichtig zu zeigen, was der Zuschauer nie zu sehen bekommt.

Hier die Antworten von Neil Hall auf unseren Fragebogen:

First of all we’d be interested to know what you experienced during the photo shoot and what made you pick that particular theme?

I wanted to show a real behind the scenes of a production and show how many people are involved. I wanted to show the opera entirely from the view of the backstage in a way that ordinary people do not get to see. It is about unsung heroes.

When and where were you born, where have you been educated and what are stages of your professional career?

I was born in Burton on Trent in England in 1980. I have a degree in Archaeology before moving field to photography. I worked for local newspaper before moving to regional, national and international newspapers and agencies.

What is your standard camera equipment? Is there any special or favorite gear?

I use Nikon D5 with a 70-200 lens and 24-70 lens but use specialist lenses for sport. I'm not technically minded so as long as the cameras work I don't mind which I use.

How do you process/edit your images? What particular darkroom technique, software or apps do you utilize?

I use photoshop to edit my images but I only change exposure slightly or crop. I don't manipulated or change my images after I have taken them.

Do you have photographic role models?

My role model is any person who has a strong work ethic and is always trying to improve how they work. I've admired Harry Benson whose photographs show a person who works hard on his craft both in front and behind the camera.

Is there a portfolio or photobook that inspired you?

I went to see an exhibition at the Tate Modern Museum called Cruel and Tender - it was the first time I had heard of or saw work by people including Robert Frank, Stephen Shore, Martin Parr Dianne Arbus. It completed changed my perceptions of what photography could be and what could be photographed. It was probably the single most influential afternoon upon my professional life.

Neil Hall auf Instagram @neil_hall_photo

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